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The second Sunday of each month food items are collected and are given to either the Food Pantry.  Donations are accepted at worship on the second Sunday.  Please remember to bring yours.  Thanks for all you do!

 3rd Sunday of each month
donations are collected for JC PACESETTERS.


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15 Ways to Serve God Through                              



Members of the Church are called
                   to serve God.

Most of the priesthood [of believers]….are eager to roll up their sleeves and go to work, whatever that work might be. They faithfully perform their duties. They magnify their callings. They serve the Lord by serving others….
When we seek to serve others, we are motivated not by selfishness but by charity. This is the way Jesus Christ lived His life and the way a holder of the priesthood must live his.

         Faithfully serving in our callings is to faithfully serve God.






News from Camp

NEWS AND EVENTS from Camp Tomah Shinga                         


Hello there, Ethan Feistner here—Director of Camp Tomah Shinga.


Greetings all,

Would you please send a letter/card/gift card/prayers whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to send to the counselors at Camp Tomah Shinga, it would be appreciated. They are doing a great job! I am sure they could use some encouragement. They show the love of Christ to all campers and to one another. It can be stress filled and done with little sleep. There are 12 counselors and the Program Director as well as the cook and the mowing man.  The names of the folk are:
Counselors--Ava, Alyssa, Audrey, OG, Karson, Haley, Camdon, Christian, T, Aspen, Lauren, and Annie. Jordan is the Program Director that is out there all the time. Shane is the cook. Casey is the mowing man.

You can send your letter/card/gift card to Walmart for some good snack food/prayers to:
Camp Counselors/Staff
Camp Tomah Shinga
7821 E Lyon Creek Rd
Junction City, KS  66441

If you are sponsoring a counselor or counselors, thank you. Your sponsorship means so much to the counselors and to the ministry God does at camp. Thank you for taking the time to show your support for these folk that are doing such an important ministry to very important people.

Ethan Feistner
Executive Director, Camp Tomah Shinga