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Marion Hill Evangelical Lutheran Church

1809 B. Ave.

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Sunday Worship 9 am

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Pray for all 
leaders and peoples.

ONE WORD frees us of all the weight and pain of life.
That word is LOVE                                            ~Sophocles


Mission Statement
We have benefited greatly from the gifts of God's love, peace and joy through Jesus Christ.  In grateful
 response we seek to share these same gifts with others, inviting all people seeking
 meaning, purpose, and community to a new life in Christ. 

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The New Year begins with celebrations, resolutions, and hopes that things will be better in the new year. There is something about having a new beginning that gives us hope. Yet, by mid-February, over 80% of the resolutions made at the beginning of this new year failed. That is a pretty depressing statistic, which leads us to ask, "Why make resolutions in the first place?"

In the church, the new year began back at the beginning of December with Advent. Advent is the season that invites us to be still and wait. Wait as we prepare for the coming not of a new year but of Christ. Wait in, and with hope. 

I was grateful to have the month of December as a sabbatical to step away from the busyness, to rest, and to be renewed. 

It reminded me of the importance of being still so that my heart and spirit could be open and ready to receive the gift of Christ. As strange as it sounds, it can be easy to forget that being church is about Jesus, about following Jesus, and about living as God's beloved. 

 We need constant reminding; that is why I think the new year in the church begins with the season of Advent's invitation to wait, prepare our hearts and spirits, and receive this incredible gift of God dwelling among us, within us. On Christmas, we are given this gift – good news of great joy for all people. Talk about hope! Then we enter the season of Epiphany, revealing the nature of this gift, who Jesus is, and inviting us to open and "use" this gift as followers of Jesus.

As we begin this new year, in this season of Epiphany, let us as the church remember and recommit ourselves to the gift that is Christ and let that light, our light, Christ's light, shine before others. 



 “Let the wife make her husband glad to come home and let him make her sorry to see him leave.”

                       ~~  Martin Luther  1483-1546  



“ A Christian is never in a state of completion, but always in a state of becoming ”      


                                - Martin Luther   1483-1546