Marion Hill


Lutheran Church


1809 B. Ave.

White City, KS 66872


Sunday Worship 9 am

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Christmas plates will be assembled on December 3rd.


Our Mission: Mobilizing women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ.


Our Purpose: As a community of women created in the image of God, called to discipleship in Jesus Christ, and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to grow in faith, affirm our gifts, 

support one another in our callings, engage in ministry and action, and promote healing and wholeness in the church, the society, and the world.






1 Shawn Powers

2 Linda Powers

3 Sarah Evans

4 Denver Oliver ,Franci Newbury Morgan,
Brittany Childs

5 Dale McCandless

18 Aaron Oleen , Calvin Pottberg

19 Dionne Meyers Becker

23 Laci Schrader, Madelyn Brown

24 Gary Pelcak

25 Linda Berges

28 Rick Anderson & Bailey Anderson      

30 Trey Evans


 November Anniversaries

02 Chad and Janon Johnson

03 Jace and Amy Johnson

10    Jeff & Sherri Childs

12     Dan & Lynn Hammond

15 Rick and Jeannie Anderson

24    Chad and Jenny Boisseau

27    Gary & Kay Oesterhaus





Marion Hill     NOVEMBER Baptism and Confirmation Dates—

In addition to November birthdays and anniversaries, multiple members observe their baptism and confirmation dates at Marion Hill.

In November the following baptism dates take place: 11.4.79 - Jace Johnson and David C. Arends, 11.4.12- Henry Thomas Blain, 11.5.62 - Roy Arthur Oliver, 11.5.67 - Shannon Meyers Banta, 11.7.65 - Holly Dye, 11.7.46 - Kent Oleen, 11.20.49 - Loretta Stephenson, 11.20.57 - Greg Hallgren, 11.27.77 - Rick Johnson, and 11.29.98 - Christian Jones.

The Confirmation date honored in November is 11.11.07 -Christopher Bourland and Kristen Bourland (affirmation).






























3 Aria Grace Bolte
4 Chad Boisseau, Violet Trussell
5 Doris Morgan 
6 June Hoffman
7 Theresa Olson
12 Steve Stephenson 
13 Bryson Granstra
14 Galen Johnson 
           and Kristen Bourland 
18 Jeff Miller
    Lynn Hammond
  Abby Banta, Matt Oleen, 
     and Jesse Oleen 
28 Connie Fielder Beal
           and Richard Fink
29 MacKenzie Mile

4: Frank Smith, Jewel Smith
5: Lakyn Jo Parker
6: Russ Banta
8: Tom Neal
9: Hayden Hysom, Haven Pearson
10: Kashton Evans
11: Rick Johnson
12: Elizabeth Pratt, Amy Johnson
15: Nichole LeMay, Autumn Ratliffe
17: Roy Oliver
18: Jude Boisseau
20: Ryan Pickett
21: Jessy Miller
25: Bonnie Morgan
26: Rhonda Stallings
28: Phyllis Rhinehast
29: Todd Morgan
30: Janon Johnson
31: Larry Jones, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


























Marion Hill FEBRUARY Baptism and Confirmation Dates— 
In addition to February birthdays and anniversaries, multiple members observe their baptism and confirmation dates at Marion Hill. In February the following baptism dates take place: 2.1.87 Bailey Anderson Parker, 2.10.91 Kyle, Nicole, and Zina Shepard, 2.10.91 Megan Allen, 2.10.01 Noah Becker, 2.11.45 Jan Oleen, 2.13.09 Chris Hysom, 2.17.08 Abby Banta, 2.27.94 Derrick Allen, 2.28.01 Topher Bourland, and 2.29.48 Arden Oleen. 

No confirmation dates are recorded for February .